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Tandy Leather

Tandy Leather
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Craftool Hand Press #3990-00

Professional hand press makes setting snaps, rivets, spots and eyelets quick and easy. This rugged industrial press is built to last with a lifetime guarantee. Our hand made setting dies (sold separately) are designed to set 1/4" Round Spot (#3988-01), 3/8" Round Spot (#3988-02), 7/16" Round Spot (#3988-03), 1/2" Round Spot (#3988-04), Line 20 Fasteners (#3995-00), Line 24 Fasteners (#3996-00), Multi-Purpose Snaps (#3994-00), Rivets (#3997-00), 3/16" Eyelets (#3992-00) and Tubular Rivets (#3998-00).